The journey of discernment is an exercise of the head, heart and hands. Please explore all content in each of the tabs below.

  • Follow MLF’s website  and the MLF Facebook page. Events are often published there. Get involved.
  • Attend Village-wide events such as house blessings, the Gathering, movie nights. Serve in the art house, Genesis Gardens, or the market.
  • Make yourself available to shuttle neighbors to doctors appointments, pick up prescriptions or groceries for them, etc.
  • Meet regularly to develop a deep friendship with a specific Missional or two.
  • Research why Genesis 2:15 is foundational for Community First! Village.
  • Read widely from the Missional Bibliography and Highly Encouraged reading lists.
  • Write about your experience of prayer along the journey—your thoughts and experiences, and what God is revealing to you.
  • Log your dreams. Is God attempting to connect with you about this call?
  • Spend time in prayer/reflection to center yourself, being aware of God’s presence.
    • Put on an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude to get out of your head.
    • Meditate on a short prayer, scripture or simple verse, such as “My Lord and My God.”
    • Slowly begin to think about the paths before you and after some time begin to ask God if He wants you to live in Community First! Village. Then wait. Don’t rush. Become aware of your feelings. Do your best to describe what you’re feeling as you consider this call. Are you feeling fear, anxiety, doubt or confusion as you consider living missionally? Are you feeling joy, peace, gratitude? Repeat this exercise often and note any trends that arise.
  • Reach out to prayerful friends and relatives (Bible study group, small group at church, your siblings or other family members, Christian mentors and prayer warriors) who know your heart and ask them to pray for you, that you will hear His still, small voice (1 Kings 19:11-13). God always speaks through His church. If your most prayerful friends think you are not being called, you have an obligation to investigate their insights.
  • Ask God in prayer to send you wise counselors to affirm His call for your life.

It could be you are being called to service in Community First! Village, but not to live here. There are thousands of volunteers but very few Missionals. Or you could be needed somewhere else entirely. With some practice you will be able to determine which path is the one that brings peace and joy. You can feel assured, those are the steps God is calling you to take to be in His will.

Are you discerning as a couple?

It can be difficult enough to discern for one. If you and your spouse are facing this decision together, it is vital that you independently seek God’s will. A family where one is pushing and the other is resisting is not harmonious. Be patient. God changes hearts, in His time.

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Possibly the best way to truly understand our neighbors is by working alongside them.

During the months of discernment we highly encourage candidates to volunteer a few days per week where needed. Experience shows a daily 4-hour shift, 3 weeks per month, is about the right amount of time. With this rhythm, discerners will have innumerable encounters with neighbors and missionals, and in short order will come to know whether this is the path and the life they were meant for.

Head, Heart and Hands Ready?

Discernment Process